Jul 23, 2009

The Arrival of A New Defender

The fight to maintain peace on earth will be a never ending one. Therefore, from time to time, the Alliance would receive new members in order to help them making sure that people of earth would be able to enjoy the sunrise of tomorrow.

An emergency meeting was conducted tonight at the headquarters. Most of the members was dumbfounded with the reason for the meeting, realising that just last night they had been a participant of an outing at the headquarter(although there were only 4 of them lasst night).

However, the mystery was unraveled by the arrival of a new defender, Green Ranger, who had just dropped off the spacecraft from planet Birm Ingham. His arrival was unexpected by all members with the exception of 2 individuals which was Mr. M and Mr.G (hehe..that's me).

His arrival was warmly appreciated by the members which consists of Mr. B, Mr. P, Mr. C, Mr. E and Blue Ranger (Mr. B was supposed to explain his origin in the blog.Look forward to it..). Green Ranger has also expressed his intention to give some present from planet Birm Ingham to the members of OB to show his gratitude toward the warm welcome. However, his good deeds would have to be put on hold due to the obstacles he had been facing from a big group of space pirates (Cust Oms Group) which lately have been tightening its immigration checks on entries from outer planets.

Not much were discussed tonight though there were plans to organize a futsal match against the stars from the Samariang team. Look forward towards the report tomorrow..

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate a supporting member of OB, which was Ms. Z, for her acceptance to work in an institution of learning. Hopefully, she would be able to change the environments of the institution, which have been called a pit of hopelessness and doom, by other intellectuals and therefore improve the student to attain better grades.. Congrats!!

P/s: sorry.. there won't be any catchphrase tonight due to immense cheers from the OB alliance to welcome Green Ranger tonight.. Thank you

Jul 16, 2009

The Anonymous Meeting..?

It is a truth universally accepted, that a man in possession of an insurmountable wealth, must be in need of a wife (sounds like the first line in the opening chapter of Pride and Prejudice? I'm not sure because I was unable to find the book in my room so I tried my best to remember it. Might not be accurate though). However, this fact certainly does not apply to the members of the Otakubimmers who, unfortunately, have limited cash at their expense, but like other superheroes too, they suffer terribly in their romantic relationships.

Tonight's meeting was started with a casual discussion about the premier showing of Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince. Although there were mixed reactions, the alliance concluded that the movie was worth another watch. This was especially attributed to the amazing display of acting of Hermione Granger (Emma Watson) and Ginny Weasley (Bonnie Wright). Both of these actresses have displayed tremendous progress compared to the earlier movies whereby they were given more exposure in the storyline.

As usual, there were complaints about the development concerning these characters, but, it would be enough to say that it was just selfish complaints coming from Mr. G. He was quite infatuated with Emma Watson I should assume.

Things started to progress to a hotter and juicier topic later. It was possible that due to the limited number of attendance of the alliance members (there were only 5 of us), we were able to discuss about something that we wouldn't be able to post here. Suffice to say that, the contents was explicit and to be viewed (or in this case, listened) by 18 years and above. Thanks to an anonymous informer, xxxxx, the lucky members of OtakuBimmers who were lucky enough to attend the meeting tonight was able to attain new heights in intellectuality and discover a new world of adulthood. It should be noted here however that the discussion was academic and there wasn't a single hints of misdemeanour that would lead to misbehaviour between the members, but there were certain unintentional pickings between us.

To conclude this meeting, the 5 members was jovial that they were able to not only attain new knowledge, but also to share the knowledge between themselves. It was a pity though that there were a limited number of attendance which resulting in too little material to discuss between us.

Would these topics be discussed again in the future? Well, I wouldn't count on it... But there are things called 'miracles'.. So, to the alliance member, hopefully you won't miss the next meeting. Why? Because miracles can happen....

Jul 13, 2009

Quote of the night...

"Whatever happens in KL, stays in KL"
-Mr. B (Time tok klaka hal ambition and personal goals, hehe)

Jul 12, 2009

Quotes of the day...

"Lebih baik cinta daripada benci, lebih baik setia dari iri hati, menyanyi dan menari sesuka hati, janji kita happy"
-Mr. B (Bila Mr. B mengapi2kan Mr. E)

"You look a lot like my next girlfriend"
-Mr. P (Mengeluarkan ayat contoh untuk mencairkan hati wanita)

"Retreat we must"
-Mr. B (Memberi contoh2 ayat pasif)

"Every man can wipe a woman off her feet"
-Mr. P (Satu lagi contoh ayat mencairkan hati wanita)

"Bukan taste aku"
-Mr. B (Susah skit mok explain.. kelak la crita)

Sunday Night RFMF 2009 (BIM Version)

Although the attendance was low, OtakuBimmers team determination to protect the earth was not deviated for even a little bit. 5 of its members which was Mr. P, Mr. E, Mr. B, Mr. M and Mr. G made sure that everyone who lived on this planet would be able to live peacefully due to their sacrifice.
Tonight, one of the members has shown his true side by revealing his other nickname. Mr. E has revealed that he was called by other name in Serian. Instead of being called as Exxxxx, he was known as Mawi by the townspeople.
However, another shocking fact which the group has unveiled tonight was in fact, Mr. E has another nickname. And this nickname wasn't associated with his physical stature, instead, he was given this nickname due to his talent in music. However, we would not be able to publish his nickname on this blog due to the obstruction imposed by law which rendered us unable to type this name unless we're not afraid of being sued (superheroes rarely make much money except Batman and Ironman). It would be enough to imply that this nickname was derived due to his infatuation with the song 'Syair si Pari-pari' (get to your own conclusion please..)

To explain everything that happened tonight, it would suffice to say that we have endured enough humiliation and happiness, enduring the pain through blood and tears in order to make sure that people from all over the world would be able to enjoy themselves at the Rainforest Music Festival (although we weren't able to join the not due to our job in protecting the earth, but due to lack of funds). However, we knew that our efforts didn't went down the drain when we were repaid by a smile, a sweet sweet smile from one of the waitress at the headquarters which made us forget any troubles that we've undergone this week whether it happened at our workplace, or in our homes, or even in our intimate relationship..
thank you very much XXXXX. Your smile made it all worthwhile -Mr. G

Jul 11, 2009

It's been a while....

Long time no see my dear citizens,

Otakubimmers is officially a recognized identity or alliance... this has been support with our latest inventions of superheroes suites aka uniforms aka jersey la senang crita... this uniforms will be unveil to citizens of the world when we had a chance and time in the near future.... therefore, in case of anyone saw a group of people using this suites in the future, you are witnessing rescue mission in progress.. as a result, we warn all citizens for not interrupting this legion of superheroes rescue mission... as we have said previously, future and hopes of the earth is in their hands to be taken care of......

Jun 5, 2009

Fellowship of Otakubimmers

1) Mr. A
2) Mr. B
3) Mr. C
4) Mr. D
5) Mr. E
6) Mr. J
7) Mr. M
8) Mr. N
9) Mr. P
10) Mr. R

Pray and hope for us to be successful always, strong to defend the earth and may luck will always be besides us. Whatever future shapes up, we'll be there to protect the earth from mighty villain such as gorgon haHGan, doomer aLsI and pudge aNiaZ.

Hope, Lights, Future.... Protectors of the planet Earth...