Jul 23, 2009

The Arrival of A New Defender

The fight to maintain peace on earth will be a never ending one. Therefore, from time to time, the Alliance would receive new members in order to help them making sure that people of earth would be able to enjoy the sunrise of tomorrow.

An emergency meeting was conducted tonight at the headquarters. Most of the members was dumbfounded with the reason for the meeting, realising that just last night they had been a participant of an outing at the headquarter(although there were only 4 of them lasst night).

However, the mystery was unraveled by the arrival of a new defender, Green Ranger, who had just dropped off the spacecraft from planet Birm Ingham. His arrival was unexpected by all members with the exception of 2 individuals which was Mr. M and Mr.G (hehe..that's me).

His arrival was warmly appreciated by the members which consists of Mr. B, Mr. P, Mr. C, Mr. E and Blue Ranger (Mr. B was supposed to explain his origin in the blog.Look forward to it..). Green Ranger has also expressed his intention to give some present from planet Birm Ingham to the members of OB to show his gratitude toward the warm welcome. However, his good deeds would have to be put on hold due to the obstacles he had been facing from a big group of space pirates (Cust Oms Group) which lately have been tightening its immigration checks on entries from outer planets.

Not much were discussed tonight though there were plans to organize a futsal match against the stars from the Samariang team. Look forward towards the report tomorrow..

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate a supporting member of OB, which was Ms. Z, for her acceptance to work in an institution of learning. Hopefully, she would be able to change the environments of the institution, which have been called a pit of hopelessness and doom, by other intellectuals and therefore improve the student to attain better grades.. Congrats!!

P/s: sorry.. there won't be any catchphrase tonight due to immense cheers from the OB alliance to welcome Green Ranger tonight.. Thank you

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  1. katon na ktkurg tok! hahaha
    kip it ap